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It was our turn, our eldest was about to graduate from high school and preparing for the highly anticipated move to another country for College. Like every parent experiences, it was a daunting one. With us living in Hong Kong, we found it a struggle to access the wealth of information needed to make sure our son was ready for the next phase of his life.

Through our experience, we want to ease the frustration and confusion for Parents and Students. We are passionate about what we do and would like you to experience a happy, stress-free, and seamless transition.

The Founder

The Face Behind
the curtain.

From the get-go, my life has been a journey. While my formative years were in the Caribbean, at 8, my parents felt it was time to move back to the US, where I was born. What was going to replace my favorite candy store? As I began to discover more, I found that I was willing to try new experiences, and with that, I fell in love with Miami. Fast forward to my last year of High School, and I was heading to a College in Boston; where and how was I going to organize myself? I very soon embraced Boston and all its beauty.

I migrated to Hong Kong in 1997, where I married the love of my life, and eventually raised three amazing young men. It was a whole other level of change, but it was necessary to find my feet. I knew that I had the values and tools my parents instilled, to adapt to whatever life threw at me and come out on top. I wouldn’t change any experience in my life, as it has shaped the person I am today, along with the decisions we make with our boys.


When it comes to the service industry where a business is not offering a physical product with an eco-friendly initiative to back it, we are left to think about moving parts of each service we provide and try to find the alternative. Sustainability needs to play a crucial role in our effort to give back to future generations; It is our responsibility. Climate change and the impact it has had is real, and we at Founce Global are committed to working together with industries to make this change. 

Within each section of our service, we have provided a list of alternative options, which speak to helping the environment. It takes a village to raise a child, and it takes one child to make a change.  

Our Commitment

As a child visiting my grandparents in Mumbai every summer, while being driven to see relatives or have a meal, we would encounter a large population of children as young as two and as old as fifteen, who had nowhere to go. At every traffic light, they would come knocking on our window hoping to receive something from us, preferably money. This scene saddened me, and as I grew up, I vowed I would find a way to give back a country in which I wasn’t necessarily born in, but was very much a part of my upbringing. As Founce Global was in its creative process, this scene is what flashed in front of my eyes, and I finally have the opportunity. For more information on Giving Back, please feel free to email us at

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We value your opinion. Please drop us a line.

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