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How has Covid-19 changed the way we live on campus?

How has Covid-19 changed the way we live on campus? With most Colleges, housing students are at reduced capacity and practices have been put into place to allow for social distancing within the dorms. At various Colleges, Hepa filters have been installed within the door room. Large windows are easily accessible to circulate air and Dining areas are offering more grab and go options to avoid contamination. While classes are held online, take care of yourself and reach out to your friends and neighbors.


 Here are some major ways Campuses are taking measures in light of COVID-19:


  • Social Distancing – Campuses are taking steps in modifying the layout of the classrooms by changing the desks to be at least 6 feet apart where feasible. Hosting smaller classes in larger rooms. They will also be offering distance learning in addition to in-person classes to help reduce the number of in-person lectures and classes.
  • Promoting and Maintaining Hygiene – Ensuring availability and access to supplies that promote healthy hygiene practices such as touchless hand sanitizer stations by building doorways; handwashing stations positioned near high touch areas, etc. 
  • Mandatory Masks – Colleges will be recommending and reinforcing the use of masks among students, faculty, and staff both on and off-campus.
  • Virtual Classrooms – Expect to have more virtual group events, gatherings, or meetings, as campuses will be promoting social distancing of at least 6 feet between people if events are in-person and extra steps will be taken such as limiting the group size to the extent possible.
  • Proper Ventilation – Dorms as wells as classrooms are being fitted with Air Filters and Hepa filters. HVAC systems are being integrated into the infrastructure to ensure proper airflow is maintained indoors.

These are just some of the ways the colleges are preparing for COVID 19.


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