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Living in a new place and making Friends

It is a common question which every new student has. This fresh start is not about forgetting your childhood friends, but more about expanding your horizons and meeting new people with who you will spend the next phase of your life day and day out. Where you will meet them is the biggest question. Here are a few places: Campus Events and organizations, Your Dorm, and Classes to name a few. 

Mingle in the Dorms

For college freshmen, one of the easiest ways to make friends is in the dorm. Freshmen dorms host events to help new students adjust and get to know each other. You’ll probably have pizza parties, karaoke nights, outings for ice cream, and so on.

Get Out of Your Room

Of course, your social life won’t be all about the dorm. It’s extremely easy to meet people in college as long as you’re willing to leave the comfort of your room. Eat meals in the dining hall, visit campus coffee shops, head to the library or the gym, join a study group, spend some time relaxing on the quad, and attend events at your school.

Join Extracurricular Activities

If you thought your high school had a lot of extracurricular offerings, you’ll be blown away in college. Most colleges have a club for everything, including your major, various interests, political parties, cultures, religious groups, raising money for specific charities, and much more.

Invite People

As you start talking to people, you’ll likely find a few who you click with or would like to know better. Start inviting them places! Again, other people are in the same boat as you, and they’ll likely be thrilled to get an invite somewhere.

Say Yes

When other people invite you places, say yes! This is especially true at the beginning when you’re trying to get out and meet people. Of course, don’t sacrifice sleep and studying. But do be adventurous and willing to try new activities with new people.


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